I Love You Under Eye Balm

I Love You Under Eye Balm


♡100% Natural Under Eye Moisturizer♡ 

A special vegan blend of ginsengs and soothing flowers made especially for applying underneath the eye and glossing over the eye brows. May the ginsengs align with the kidney meridians to offer energy.

Directions: Apply directly to freshly cleansed skin underneath the eyes or on top of the brows, feel free to rub in! Best rubbed in clockwise if applying over the eye meridians. Please compost tube when finished. Suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin, try on a test patch of skin at first. Please note if there are any allergies to the chamomile family of plants Asteraceae. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please compost tube. Best if kept stored out of direct sunlight. Will melt in high temperatures. 

This listing includes I Love You Under Eye Balm filled in a 1/3oz (9gm) compostable nature friendly push up tube. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness.

Ingredients: purveyed certified organic sunflower seed oil from the Netherlands (Helianthus annuus) . purveyed certified organic argan oil from Morocco (Argania spinosa) . purveyed certified organic carnauba wax from USA (Copernica cerifera) . candelilla wax from Mexico (Euphorbia Antisyphillitica) . purveyed certified organic Rhodiola rosea root from USA (Rhodiola rosea) . purveyed certified organic eleuthero root from China (Eleutherococcus senticosus) . purveyed certified organic maca root from Peru (Lepidium meyenii) . purveyed certified organic chamomile flowers from Hungary (Matricaria chamomilla) . our own garden grown beach roses from USA (Rosa rugosa) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . soy free . all natural . cruelty free . essential oil free . oxide free . vegan . handmade . compostable packaging


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