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Yarrow Floral Toner + Body Mist

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♡100% Natural Plant Based Skin Care♡

For Oily / Normal / Mature Skin Types.

Yarrow floral water is simply amazing. Great for topical use as an astringent + first aid. Can be used in place of our moisturizing Yarrow Balm as a water based mist for skin care needs. This toner smells just like fresh meadow yarrow flowers in the summer time. Floral waters, also known as hydrosols, are excellent for use after soaping, they help balance the PH level of our skin. Discover how yarrow can beautify you.

Directions: Mist on body for a refreshing feel. Makes an amazing facial toner for use a few times a week. Excellent for use after bathing when used with the Yarrow Beauty Balm to lock in moisture. Has a shelf life of about 6 months to a year, keep in cool place and out of sun for extended vitality. Not recommended for those that are pregnant. For external use only. Please note this little vial has hints of blue inside within the consistency of the liquid. This naturally occurs from our distillation process.

This listing includes a super cute 1/3oz (10ml) glass bottle of Yarrow Floral Toner + Body Mist with a spray top. Shipped + packaged with love // eco friendliness.

Ingredients: our own locally wild gathered yarrow flower + leaf from USA (Achillea millefolium) distillation (purified aqua + yarrow) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . cruelty free . vegan


Yarrow Floral Toner + Body Mist - Good4You Plant Makeup