Turmeric Balm - Good4You Plant Makeup

Turmeric Balm

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♡100% Natural Plant Based Skincare♡

For all Skin Types.

For skin that needs some turmeric love. Makes an excellent balm for skin tags, wart remover or any strange growths. Also for use as plant makeup: add a natural light yellow concealer or tint.

Directions: Basically, if you have some skin tags on your eye lids, you can use this balm as an eye shadow/highlight for secret healing. It also gives skin a slight natural glow or bronzing. I personally love turmeric for sun damage, in the winter time these areas kind of bug me. I apply turmeric balm to make sure my skin stays happy. Like a delicious drink for the skin ...full of anti-oxidants. A very versatile must have beauty balm!

This balm is experimental + full of love. Turmeric is heavy on yellow color, but will eventually absorb really well into the skin. Apply before bedtime + wear clothing you don't mind getting yellow for overnight turmeric therapy (like wrapping yourself in a turmeric cocoon). This balm has a turmeric smell/taste, best 4 those that want some mega skin loving! This creation does contain a beeswax (thank you bee's).

This listing includes a cute + beautiful 1/4oz (7gm) reusable glass jar of Turmeric Balm. Shipped + packaged with love // eco friendliness.

Ingredients: purveyed certified organic extra virgin olive oil from Spain (Olea europaea) . ethically wild crafted cat's claw bark from Peru (Uncaria tomentosa) . local beeswax from USA . purveyed certified organic turmeric root from India (Curcuma longa) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . handmade . reusable packaging


Turmeric Balm - Good4You Plant Makeup
Turmeric Balm - Good4You Plant Makeup
Turmeric Balm - Good4You Plant Makeup
Turmeric Balm - Good4You Plant Makeup