Mermaid Paint Stick - Good4You Plant Makeup

Mermaid Paint Stick

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♡100% Natural Body Paint Balm♡

For mermaids + beach dwellers alike, an avant garde beauty balm for general moisturizing + fine lines! Seaweeds like chlorella + spirulina have also been found to offer some skin protection from the sun, helping reflect ultra violet rays. We are so excited to offer this earthy creation to all sun worshippers. One of our favorites! Please note it has an earthy seaweed scent of the deep sea, best for mermaids + earthy people + beach dreamers!

The Mermaid Paint Stick is a fun balm stick you can take to the beach. Exfoliate with the surf and the sand for a total all natural spa experience.

Directions: You may use this creation throughout the day on fine lines. Cooling + soothing. Paint tribal lines on the face, then smudge them in. Does give a green appearance (definitely be mindful of this before purchasing) but rubs away! This can also be embraced as a natural makeup color! Bring to the beach for beauty. Can be applied before playing in the sun. Run around the beach tribal style +  paint this balm on the body. So fun! This balm does have a bit of texture from the kelp - excellent for exfoliating! Please note, this is not an alternative answer to sunscreens. In general, for sensitive skin, try a test on a little area of the body at first to see if the skin agrees with it (some may be sensitive to seaweed use on the skin). Please note this balm does contain a bee product (thank you bee's!).

This listing includes a 2oz (56gm) 100% compostable eco friendly push up tube of Mermaid Paint Stick. Shipped + packaged with tons of love and eco friendliness.

Ingredients: purveyed certified organic unrefined virgin coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera) . purveyed certified organic cocoa butter from Peru (Theobroma cacao) . purveyed certified organic almond oil from Kenya (Prunus dulcis) . local beeswax from USA . purveyed certified organic avocado oil from USA (Persea americana) . gmo-free wheat germ oil from USA (Triticum vulgare) . purveyed certified organic vitamin e oil from Spain (mixed tocopherols from GMO free soy sources) . cultivated without chemicals chlorella from Japan (Chlorella vulgaris) . purveyed certified organic spirulina from India (Arthrospira platensis) . purveyed certified organic kelp from Iceland (Ascophyllum nodosum) . natural sustainably sourced French green clay (Kaolinite, contains naturally occurring iron oxides) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . handmade . compostable packaging



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Mermaid Paint Stick - Good4You Plant Makeup
Mermaid Paint Stick - Good4You Plant Makeup
Mermaid Paint Stick - Good4You Plant Makeup