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Entire Flower Glitter Collection

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♡100% Natural Skin Care + Plant Makeup♡

Obsessed with the new Spring Summer 2018 Collection? Get the whole thing! This listing includes one of each of the following 17 items:

Sun Beam Shimmer Stick 
Star Light Shimmer Stick
Tropical Flower Bathing Salts
Beach Rose Lip Tint
Ocean Makeup Balm
Blueberry Lip Balm + Scrub
Cocoa Brow Gloss
Orange Peel Mystic Spray
Free Spirit Aromatherapy Oil
Frost Mist
Indigo Incense
Plumeria Dew Beauty Balm
Argan Oil
Petal Paste
Flower Glitter Facial Steam
White Rose Shimmer Powder
Liquid Blush

Handmade with love and shipped in as nature friendly as possible materials.

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . handmade