Plant Shadow Mascara

Plant Shadow Mascara


♡100% Natural Botanical Vegan Mascara♡

With the wonderful nourishing addition of argan oil, this mascara gives a super smokey, dark lash. Can also be used as a dark eye brow paint. Mica free!

Directions: Use bottle to dab mascara brush up and down in mascara to find your perfect coating consistency. Apply to lashes + allow a few moments to set + let dry. Comes off easily with water or one of our many floral toners like Beach Rose. Oil is also another great way to remove eye makeup, you might like the Herbal Cleansing Oil for this. For sensitive eyes, please try a little test at first to see if your lashes / eyes agree with the formulation. Also, not recommended for use if there are allergies to aspirin or other salicylate containing drugs, because of the white willow bark. Keep tightly sealed, will dry out if left open too long because of the nature of the natural ingredients. The mascara may have a few earth bits of clay present in the consistency.

Storage Tips: This creation has a shelf life of about six months to a year. For best results keep tightly sealed and out of direct sunlight. Feel free to store in fridge when not in use for any prolonged period of time, this may also help extend the shelf life beyond four months to a year.

This listing includes a net weight 8ml (.25 fl oz) filled vial of Plant Shadow Mascara. There is also a limited edition 1 dram sample size available, great for about 2-5 uses. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness!

Ingredients: purveyed certified organic aloe vera gel from USA (Aloe vera) . sustainably sourced kaolin clay from USA (Hydrated aluminum silicate) . sustainably sourced activated charcoal powder from white willow trees from USA (Salix alba) . purveyed certified organic argan oil from Morocco (Argania spinosa) + love.

♡2nd to last picture, Plant Shadow Mascara is worn as a eye brow paint.

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . soy free . mica free . essential oil free . all natural . cruelty free . vegan . handmade


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