Vegan Guide

A large portion of the creations we make are vegan. The only non-vegan options are the honey masks and some balms with beeswax in them. Two of the main reasons we use bee products is that we can source them locally and there are so many healthy benefits!

Here is a list of all our vegan options:

All Fragrance

All Bath + Hair

Plant Makeup: Mascaras . Hibiscus Lip Stain . Blood Orange Lip Tint . Foundation Powder No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Highlighting Powder . Eye Shadows : Seafoam Pink Rose Sunset Earth Moon Sun Snow . Blush Powder : Hibiscus Beet Light Beet Sandalwood Coconut Pink Rose Apricot . Bronzing Shimmer Powder . Body Powder : Chamomile + Lilac

Skin Care: Herbal Cleansing Oil . Serums : Beach Rose Chamomile Yarrow . Rosehip Seed Oil . Jewelweed Spray . Floral Toners : Flower Music Mist Beach Rose Purple Loosestrife Blue Chamomile Tansy Mint Queen Anne’s Lace Sweet Fern Yarrow . Clay Masks : Rose Chamomile Seaweed Wild Flower . Balms : Calendula Blemish Balm Blue Chamomile I Love You Under Eye Balm . Peppermint Lip Stick