Space Goth Makeup Wand

Space Goth Makeup Wand


♡100% Natural Plant Based Lip Beauty♡  


For the ultimate 21st century goth girl!

For grey shadows and sparkly blue galaxies. A dreamy navy blue and grey makeup wand that touches upon dark, but only reveals the glossy highlights!!! Enter a fantasy of flying through space to your home planet of makeup dreams!

Directions: Apply each side to freshly cleansed skin. The grey side applies smooth and reveals a light grey transparent hue! Very fun to play with to see how grey interacts with the light and our skin. The blue side is an endless sparkle of transparent blue hues! Intended as a makeup primer, party time gloss, experimental lip gloss. Both sides might require a cleansing oil or cleanser to remove. This creation does contain a bee product (thank you bee's)! Suitable for all skin types, for sensitive skin try on a tiny test patch of skin at first to see if your skin agrees.

This listing includes a double sided lip gloss tube with 1/4floz (8ml) on each side of the poppin' glosses below. Shipped + packaged with love and eco friendliness.

GREY MAKEUP SIDE Ingredients:  purveyed certified organic + fair trade virgin unrefined coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera) . purveyed certified organic + fair trade cocoa butter from Peru (Theobroma cacao) . purveyed certified organic beeswax from USA . sustainably sourced kaolin clay from USA (Hydrated aluminum silicate) . activated sustainable charcoal powder from white willow trees (Salix alba) . natural sustainably sourced sericite mica from USA (Potassium aluminum silicate) + love

BLUE SPARKLE SIDE Ingredients: purveyed certified organic + fair trade virgin unrefined coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera) . purveyed certified organic beeswax from USA . indigo powder (Indigofera tinctoria) . mica (Potassium aluminum silicate) . titanium dioxide* (derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . soy free . essential oil free . handmade


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