Beach Rose Beauty Cream

Beach Rose Beauty Cream


♡100% Natural Plant Based Skin Care♡

Our Ultimate Skin Thirst Quencher 

Made only a few times a year. An amazing, special + seasonal rose cream infused with our own beach rose petals. We created both a local wild rose oil + hydrosol to make this beauty cream dream a reality. Perfect for locking in moisture and soothing dry winter skin.

Directions: Keep in fridge. Apply anywhere you'd like for secret plant beautifying // rejuvenating action. Excellent for fine lines, stretch marks + dry skin! This creation is rose chocolate for the skin. To compare it to our Beach Rose Beauty Balm, it has the added element of H2O for locking in more moisturizing action. This cream is thick! Gives a cooling sensation, like a breath of fresh air for the skin. Take a little scoop with your fingers + massage in. Best after bathing / cleansing / showering. This cream has a very short shelf life of a month. It can be extended if kept in the fridge for up to a year! Discard if smell and/or consistency changes. We no longer make it with the beautiful rose petals on top to prolong its shelf life, but the amazing scent will make up for it!

This listing includes a 1oz (28gm) reusable glass jar of Beach Rose Beauty Cream made with love.

Ingredients: our own grown beach roses from USA (Rosa rugosa) . purveyed certified organic + fair trade virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera) . our own purveyed certified organic rose from Morocco (Rosa damascena) floral water distillation (rose+ aqua) made in USA . purveyed certified organic + fair trade cocoa butter from Peru (Theobroma cacao) . purveyed certified organic apricot kernel oil from Kenya (Prunus armeniaca) . local beeswax from Warm Colors Apiary South Deerfield, MA USA . purveyed certified organic beach rose essential oil from China (Rosa rugosa) + love.

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plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . soy free .  handmade . reusable packaging


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