Good4You Herbals Yearbook 2012 // Digital PDF Download

Good4You Herbals Yearbook 2012 // Digital PDF Download


The First Plant Makeup Publication

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200 + beautiful color pictures.

10 + recipes. 

Inspiring tidbits + plant spirit realm talk.

A look into when Plant Makeup was known as Good4You. This book is abstract in a way, not your usual format for a book. It is broken up into 4 parts: the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox. Great for coffee tables and fortune telling (you'll have to figure this one out).

Photos are spread throughout the book in chronological order with a key in the back, mysteries of the present fill the last pages. There are surprises throughout and a huge section on the secrets of queen anne's lace. Filled with plant identification, herbal recipes, sustainability ideas and art. True inspiration for plant lovers and artists.

This listing includes a 94 page PDF download, arranged, written and edited by Plant Makeup founder Jes.


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