The New Fall Winter 2018 Collection

Introducing the Rainbow Flower Collection

So excited to reveal the latest collection! Inspired by my journey on the island of Oahu, rainbows are one of the most amazing moments if they can only be witnessed. It allows one to feel instant and beautiful introspection for the gifts of the natural world. This collection allows the user to interact with plants and experience rainbow moments anytime.

Beach Rose Shampoo. A rose dream for locks. Made for dry to normal hair types, this formulation will reveal an all natural look! Best for those that can't get enough of rose. Featuring ingredients beneficial for darker hair such as Japanese honeysuckle blossoms and green tea.

Floral Calm Body Mist is made to soothe the mind, body and spirit in hectic moments of our lives. Featuring hops, lavender, roses and chamomile, this amazing scent combination can be used for the body or as a space cleanser. A simple vegan formulation, excellent for all skin types.

Frost Glitter Wand and Freckle Paint, two exciting new Plant Makeup additions! A frosty peppermint infused highlighting wand can be used to add a puckering sparkling glow to lips and cheeks. Our new freckle body paint creation can give you the freckles marks of your dreams. Paint your face with plants!

Flower Petal Body Powder is a new flower infused dream dust. Featuring roses, Japanese honeysuckle blossoms and dandelions, fall in love with the summer meadows all year. This creation can be used for any general body powder needs as well as a highlighting addition to your Plant Makeup kit. Perfect for oily, combination and normal skin types.


This collection was inspired by details in life that can make us happy, like rainbows, roses, flowers, glitter, bubbles and love. A reflection of how one can be really inspired by the natural world and live to meet a medium between ancient and modern times.

Indigo Child Paint Stick, a compostable tube of inspiration. The plant world meets glam. A moisturizing body glitter stick to take with you where ever you adventure too. Soft clouds of holographic shimmer to brighten life.

Boob Stickers, along with our Nipple Ice Balm are novelty ways to be all natural and have fun. A peppermint infusion gives a 'frost bitten' effect anywhere you apply! Doubles as a headache and sore muscle reliever, this little creation can come in handy in many ways.

Rainbow Flower Bathing Salts are the center piece of this collection. Inspired by Hawaiian adventures, this jar of flower love is an amazing way to relax and dream about journeys. Deeply scented with rose, for those who bring one of these into their lives, it will become surely treasured.

Finally Rose Blush Balm, a light glossy moisturizing cheek + lip tint infused with strawberries, elderflowers and roses. A truly soft touch for even sensitive dry skin. Plant Makeup is much different than commercial makeup and may take some experimenting or getting use to. However, the benefits are truly amazing as we can simply honor our natural beauty enhancing a no makeup look.

I really hope you enjoy this new collection. I really wanted to translate what it would be like to live inside a rainbow, what it would feel like to float in a holographic bubble, and how we can live closer to nature and therefore our true selves!

Written by Jes, founder of Plant Makeup


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