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How to Make a Flower Crown + Flower Wand

You've probably heard about flower crowns, but what about flower wands? A flower wand is essentially a floral smudge bundle made up of flowers wrapped in twine. You can burn it, but it's so stunning you might not want to. Here's how to make both these amazing earthen pieces using the most sustainably sourced materials.

DIY Flower Crown

Flower crowns are absolutely gorgeous and can be worn to all sorts of wonderful events. 


  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire cutters
  • Greenery (forage for some in...

DIY Herbal Tea + Basic Winter Remedies

Before Plant Makeup got started, I use to blend my own teas and sell them. You might remember Good4You Herbal Tea! Here is a guide to how I create herbal tea blends. It is very simple. My rule of thumb is, if you are unfamiliar with an herb, please research it before using it and as always less is more.

It's easy to make tea, even simply from anything you can find in your kitchen spice cabinet. Here are some herbs and how they can help you during the winter or when you or...

5 Beauty Benefits of Yarrow

Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is mostly native to the temperate regions of the world, like the Northern Hemisphere: North America, Asia, and Europe. Yarrow is an herb and has beautiful little white disk flowers. It has a strong, sweet scent that makes it a great essential oil. Yarrow can be used for so many different things, due to its many properties. Here are five reasons this little perennial packs a big, beautiful punch to your beauty routine.

Natural Astringent 

Yarrow is one the world's most powerful natural astringents. It shrinks the...

3 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Winter

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During the colder months, skin is more likely to dry out and break. This can be extremely painful, and doesn't exactly make your day any easier. To ensure your skin is protected and nourished all winter long, follow these three tips.

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During the winter, it's not uncommon for the skin on your face to start drying out and chapping. Lets not forget our lips, which are super sensitive and prone to breakage during this time! In...

5 Tips for the Perfect Bath

Tired or stressed out? Need to feel rejuvenated? A bath can help, but you need to do it the right way. Here are 5 tips for creating the ultimate bathing experience.

Kick everyone out of the house

Solidarity is key to a successful bath. As your significant other to take the kids out for a treat. If that's not an option, pick a time of day when everyone is out of the house and you can unwind. It's important to enjoy your own company and be alone with yourself. Also, even...