SpRiNg InSpIrAtIoN (mood board)

Get ready to feel dreamy. Lip Gloss Fantasy Wand.

Inventing the labels for Plant Makeup floral waters.

Coconut Highlight Gloss (favorite makeup primer + all purpose makeup gloss), Rainbow Flower Bathing Salts, Beach Rose Lip Tint and secrets!!

Beach Rose Lip Tint (love it). A gentle strawberry colored glossy tint. This is a sweeeeet intro gloss into the world of Plant Makeup.

Snow Eye ShadowCoconut Highlight Gloss, Pink Rose Shimmer Balm, Pink Rose Eye Shadow, Strawberry Dreamsicle Lip Balm Scrub, Unicorn Balm, Space Rose Glitter BalmBeach Rose Lip Tint and Wild Rose Lip Balm.

Frost Glitter Wand, my favorite for crazy glossed out eye brows.

Wild Rose Lip Balm this balm has recently become super popular which I am so excited about. It is completely tinted with Rosa rugosa.

Rainbow Flower Bathing Salts these salts were a totally product of immersion in Hawaii.

Unicorn Balm the long standing Plant Makeup fan favorite pocketable jar of glossy joy.

Beach Rose Lip Tint and Frost Glitter Wand

Lilac Lip Balms <3 a very special limited edition Spring Plant Makeup balm! Completely tinted with lilac flowers.

H O L O G R A P H I C  L O V E 

Pink Rose Eye Shadow Powder this is such a sweetie of a eye shadow powder. So gentle, feminine and princessy.

Snow Eye Shadow Powder for ice queens and minimalists.

Sea Foam Eye Shadow Powder is that feeling of Summer coming.

Dare to be different.

Mermaid Makeup Balm to dive deep into the ocean of Summer.


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