The New Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Lost in the Cosmic Flower Dunes

What a seriously amazing journey it has been creating this. So many things have happened in my own life that have inspired these visions to come into reality. I hope you all enjoy these products. My mission is to share the love I feel inside through this artistic medium. It is important to express love with our own unique voices in any way we can. xo, Jes

Mint Clay Mask 

Beet Root Lip Balm 

New Wave Body Balm


Dune Aromatherapy Oil


Sea Buckthorn Oil


Flower Dreams Space + Surface Mist


Rose Tea Facial SteamTransform your skin into a beautiful Spring misted rose petal. A special blend of tea + roses made especially for hydrating + pampering the skin from the winter. Featuring the wonderful gifts of pu'erh tea. Best for normal + combination skin.

Sunrise Body Mist


Cosmic Shimmer Stick! A dream inspired tribal paint stick for vision quests, festivals and star gazing. A moisturizing formula featuring a beautiful blue hue from indigo root. 

\Turmeric Honey Scrub

Blush Balm

Orangepeelmystic cassette tape 

Calendula Balm

Lilac Lip Balm 

White Rose Incense Cones 

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