Flower Music Mist + Dream Balm

Flower Music Mist in its many phases. A toner made for normal / oily / blemish prone skin. Flower Music Mist is created as an infusion of wild flowers. Most of which are locally gathered near where we make everything. We feel the importance of using plant medicine locally to offer the highest vitality products possible.

We combined locally gathered roses, elder flowers and red clover blossoms with organic lavender + let them cold infuse briefly, like an essence, for a few days in our own rose hydrosol + organic witch hazel extract! Intensely amazing.


This extract yields an amazing nourishing pink color! The scent is of a very pronounced floral twist of tart / honey / witch hazel fragrance to awaken + hug the pores. Excellent for facial nourishment, purification, protection, love.

Directions: Spray onto freshly cleansed skin. Works as a natural toner + body mist without being too drying. Also for use after a shower to balance the PH level of the skin. Please note there is a bit of alcohol in this creation from the witch hazel extract, so might give a little zing to open skin. Keep in fridge for extended shelf life, discard if scent changes.

Ingredients: distilled water (aqua) . purveyed certified organic witch hazel extract from USA (Hamamelis virginiana, 86% witch hazel extract and 14% grain alcohol) . our own locally gathered beach rose from USA (Rose rugosa) + water (aqua) hydrosol . purveyed certified organic lavender flowers from Bulgaria (Lavandula angustifolia) + our own locally gathered elder flowers from USA (Sambucus canadensis), beach rose petals from USA (Rose rugosa), red clover blossoms from USA (Trifolium pratense) + love.

Dream Balm, made for all sleepy heads. A mix of relaxing + sensual herbs to lather in before bedtime. Super soft on skin in consistency. May also enhance dreams! This unique creation has vanilla / lavender notes, best for culinary and spice market dreamers! We omitted essential oils in this formulation, for gentler skin therapy. Little vanilla beans speckled throughout. An excellent companion to have on the go to soothe anxiety levels.

Directions: Apply to face // body for an intimate herbal moisturizing experience anywhere from an hour to a few minutes before laying to rest. Can also be used throughout the day as a daily moisturizer as well! Very versatile, a creation up to your interpretation beyond dreams. Can also be used for pms symptom massages (recent discovery!). Please note Dream Balm contains a bee product (thank you bee's).

Ingredients: purveyed certified organic extra virgin olive oil from Spain (Olea europaea) . locally gathered mugwort leaf from USA (Artemisia vulgaris) . purveyed certified organic lavender flowers from France (Lavandula angustifolia) . locally gathered wild rose petals from USA (Rosa rugosa) . purveyed certified organic chamomile flowers from Egypt (Matricaria chamomilla) . purveyed certified organic + fair trade vanilla bean from Indonesia (Vanilla planifolia) . purveyed certified organic raw unrefined shea butter from Ghana (Butyrospermum parkii) . local beeswax from USA + love.


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