New Year Plant Makeup Inspiration

Creating makeup with a plant based palette of color. Working with all pure earth derived ingredients to discover different ways of applying natural beauty to ourselves. Beauty therefore becomes an extension of nature and we reconnect with what we truly are- of the earth.

Roses and other wild flowers are some of my greatest inspiration. The hues of pink for blushing cheeks, or dreamy moonlit flower tones for the lids of our eyes. Deriving plant based colors is a difficult process, therefore a lifelong journey of discovery.

In moments of relaxation where there is time to truly reflect I turn to the artist in me to improv what I see. Using collections of inspiring earth bits I arrange them in rainbow patterns to pull out meaning and interpret different ways of seeing the world.
Seeing what we only want to see can be tricky, so we must learn to see with an open heart. Take time to improv our lives and discover the messages in the plants, birds, earth and seas. Happy New Year!

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