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Making your own makeup with plants is an amazing way to connect to nature. Using natural ingredients is extremely good for you too! For instance beets can help reduce inflammation, delay aging due to richness in anti-oxidants, remove toxins and infuse you with vitamins!

How to create your own 100% Natural Plant Based + Vegan Bronzer or Blush.

Making your own bronzer or blush is super easy! It can be incredibly inexpensive as well, making your carbon footprint super small! If you don't have any of the ingredients listed, they can be easily purchased and you will have enough to make these makeup powder recipes for a nice amount of time!

First, gather a jar or two to store your creation(s) in. I love saving small jars from other makeup or skin care products I have used.

Next gather your ingredients. These can all be found in your kitchen or local health food store and you don't have to have them all: arrowroot, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, beet root powder.

Grab a small bowl and start with about 1/2 tsp. of arrowroot  Start mixing in any of the other ingredients to find your perfect shade of your visions.

For a beautiful blush, add 1tsp. beet root powder and 1/4tsp. cocoa powder to the arrowroot powder. Beet root can be a bit sensitive when exposed to air. The high juice power tends to cake. Keep tightly sealed after creating!

For an amazing natural bronzer, add 2tsp. cocoa powder and 1/2tsp. cinnamon powder to the arrowroot powder.



Arrowroot powder will lighten your recipe, cocoa powder will darken it. You can even use ginger root powder to add a little bit of shimmer.

I love to sift all my powders to make sure they are as light and fluffy as can be. I find a tea strainer works super well! After sifting the powders, keep tightly sealed in preferably glass jars and out of sunlight for longest shelf life.

You can also double or triple the amounts in the recipes to create a bigger stash! Play around with measuring amounts to create your dream shade!

If you can't find beet root powder, you can purchase organic beets from your local farm stand or store, cut into very thin (1/4" or less) slices. Then place in a dehydrator on 105F / 41C to keep them 'raw'. Or if you don't have a dehydrator, simply place on a baking sheet and pop in the oven on the lowest setting possible, 150F / 70C should be perfect. Keep the oven open during this process to avoid moisture build up. Keep checking back until dry. Then add dried beets to food processor, cleaned out coffee grinder or use a mortar and pestle to create your own powder.

When applying to cheeks or skin you might have to layer a bit since plant pigments are subtle. Add less arrowroot in recipes for greater pigment results!

Create your own 100% Natural Plant Based + Vegan Lip / Cheek Stain or Lip Plumper

Natural plump + stain the lips with one to five ingredients! My absolute favorite way to tint my lips is simply by a beet root! When using beets to cook or juice, I love cutting a small 1 inch wedge shape and creating an instant lip stick! This can be used all day, but definitely find a cute little jar to carry it in so it doesn't stain things other than your lips! But, there are totally other ways to create your very own travel friendly lip stain or plumper!

First gather your ingredients: coconut oil, beet root powder, hibiscus powder, cocoa powder, cayenne powder. All powders are totally optional, depending on what you want to make!

Next, grab a cute glass jar or container if you have one to store your lip creation(s). Make sure the lid on it can be tightly sealed (coconut oil has the tendency to change form from liquid to solid depending on the temperature).

Pour or scoop out about 1/2oz (8gm) of coconut oil into a small bowl. If your coconut is in solid form, melt it a little bit in the sun (about 5 minutes in direct sunlight). You want your coconut oil to be in between solid and liquid, sort of creamy!

For a lip / cheek stain add 2tsp. beet root powder! You can vary the amounts of beet root for deepness in color.

For a lip stain + plump add 2tsp. of beet root powder, 3/4tsp. cinnamon powder and a very small pinch, less than 1/8tsp, of cayenne (optional).

For a lip plumper add 3/4tsp. cinnamon powder and a very small pinch, less than 1/8tsp, of cayenne (optional). If you happen to have peppermint essential oil, you can substitute the cayenne for one drop of essential oil.

You can vary the amount of beet root and/or spice kick to your liking! After mixing pour any of these blends into your little empty jar. Let the contents solidify again away from sunlight and you will have your very own natural lip treat! If the contents can't return to solid form, you can shake the jar before use to remix the ingredients. The shelf life of your lip stain should be anywhere from one to 6 months!


Any of your favorite oils can be substituted for coconut. Coconut has the best consistency for this recipe, but olive and almond oil are two other great choices.

You can also make a lip / cheek stain with fresh beets. Simply take half a medium sized beet, cut into small cubes, add to a food processor. Pour in about a 1/4 cup of your choice oil, blend until smooth. Stain and pour into your empty lip jar or gloss tube!

If you don't have beets, you can use berries! Simply mash about 4 to 5 raspberries, blackberries and/or blueberries in the oil of your choice, then strain through a fine cloth sieve or strainer. The shelf life of this creation is short, keep in fridge for extended use. Discard if it smells fermented.

Create your own 100% Natural Plant Based + Vegan Eye Shadow

There are so many different colors waiting to be used as makeup in your kitchen. To make your own eye shadow out of plants, first find a small jar or two to store your creations in. Next gather the ingredients: arrowroot powder or shea butter, turmeric powder, cocoa powder, rose petal powder, hibiscus petal powder and spirulina powder. All the color powders are optional and you can pretty much try any edible powder as color in this eye shadow recipe.

Each of these recipes can be made either as a powder or cream eye shadow. Use arrowroot powder (as a powder base, for more of a silky texture) or shea butter (as a creamy base, for more of a liquid feel). Find a small mixing bowl and some spoons to start.

To make a golden cocoa color take 1/4tsp. arrowroot powder, 1/4tsp. turmeric powder and 1/4tsp. cocoa powder. You can replace the arrowroot powder for 1/2tsp. of shea butter.

To make a berry pink color take 1/4tsp. arrowroot powder, 1/2tsp. hibiscus flower powder, 1/4tsp. rose petal powder. You can replace the arrowroot powder for 1/2tsp. of shea butter.

To make a deep green color take 1/4tsp. spirulina and 1/4tsp. arrowroot powder. You can replace the arrowroot powder for 1/2tsp. of shea butter.


The recipe amounts above are for super small amounts, so feel free to double or triple the amounts to create a bigger stash. Totally feel free to play around with the measuring amounts to find your dream textures or colors.

It is best to purchase 100% organic, fair trade, gmo-free and sustainably harvested ingredients whenever possible!


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  • Hi there, I’m trying to reduce my use of plastics and waste in general. Do you know if these powders ( beet, arrowroot, hibiscus) are available in bulk? Or do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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  • I am going to use these recipes for a school project I love how they are vegan and all organic that will be great for my skin. Thank you soooo much for these recipes!

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