Introducing the Fall / Winter Collection


Sun Mascara: for a blond / light yellow highlight
Desert Sands Mascara: for a beige / desert sand highlight
Earth Mascara: light brown almost hot cocoa colored makeup paint
Earth Eye Shadow Powder: for cocoa / red undertones
Sun Eye Shadow Powder: for a bright yellow pop
Moon Eye Shadow Powder: for a natural smokey eye
Snow Eye Shadow Powder: for shimmering white highlights
Bronzing Shimmer Powder: for a sun kissed glow anytime
Foundation Powder No.7: our lightest toned foundation powder with warm hues
Flower Lips Tint: a moisturizing berry / flower infused red tint
Unicorn Lip Wand: a double sided lip wand for scrubbing and tinting
Peppermint Lip Stick: a super frosting moisturizing lip treat
Black Berry Lip Balm: a foraged wild berry infused moisturizing gloss
Pink Rose Gloss Stick: a thick moisturizing nude makeup gloss balm
Red Rose Gloss Stick: a thick moisturizing rose tinted gloss balm
Red Rose Clay Mask: a rose infused exfoliating clay mask
Rainbow Aromatherapy Oil: a fruity rose scented dream
Plant Makeup Organic Harvest Bag: a 100% organic cotton tote with roses
Incense Sample Pack: try 6 of our special handmade incense cones
Deep Forest Salve: for use as a muscle rub + for smoothing fine lines
AW 17 Sample Kit: try an amazing sample kit of our Fall collection

Back in Stocks:
Jewelweed Spray: for outdoor adventures, use after poison ivy contact
Jewelweed Balm: a compostable jar of jewelweed salve for itch-ssues
Queen Anne's Lace Seeds: locally gathered Daucus carota seeds in a cute tin
Sweet Fern Salve: a forest scented all purpose moisturizing balm
Purple Loosestrife Balm: a very simple beauty balm scented with lavender
Orange Peel Incense Cones: with orange peel, burn for inspiration



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