Plant Makeup Balm Swatches

Above Features (left to right): Foundation Balms No.5 through No.0

Using natural dyes invites us to visit the recent past of how everything was done before artificial dyes were invented. A few generations ago, natural colors was all that was available. Since time past, a lot of the beautiful old arts have been forgotten in our modern age of technology. It is therefore difficult sometimes to invite past art forms as well as uses of natural materials into our current everyday lives.

Above features (top down): Hibiscus Lip Stain, Hibiscus + Beet Lip Tint, Blood Orange Lip Tint, Madder Root Lip + Cheek Stain, Strawberry Lip Tint, Sandalwood Lip Tint, Mermaid Lip Tint + Tribal Paint, Lilac Lip Balm, Pink Rose Shimmer Balm, Coconut Makeup Balm

Plant Makeup brings back the roots of dyeing and therefore can be difficult to understand when one can be so used to those beautiful bold makeup colors now available in stores. Although these colors are pretty, they do not contain the best ingredients. I took the challenge upon myself to create a range of makeup colors that can fit the modern era as well as bring fast paced beauty back to nature. In a sense Plant Makeup is humble, honoring the beauty we already have. We can essentially turn back time and rediscover ourselves by painting our faces with plants.

Above Features (top down): Foundation Balms No.5 through No.0

I hope that the compromise of not using bold conventional makeup colors awakens the connection to nature in everyone who uses Plant Makeup. I have a strong belief that beauty does not have to be taken seriously, and in this vein we can truly be who we want to be: rebels, dreamers, visionaries, lovers, tree huggers, etc. Overall it is OK to be yourself, one with nature and know that your makeup is made with the best ingredients possible: 100% of the Earth.


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