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Looking back at Plant Makeup in 2014

I remember the day I took these photos. It was a beautiful afternoon where the sun was setting in the winter skies. The contained creative energy, like that of a hibernating tree, blossomed for me and Plant Makeup came together.

Plant Makeup came to life as a line of plant based lip + cheek hues. Foundation Balms where slowly added into the coming months. I loved experimenting with berries, spices and seaweeds to develop unique colors, inviting it's future users to experience the secret gifts of the plant world.


Rainbows are my color pallet. Nature has endless ones, centralized on location and time of the year. I bet all the colors ever imagined can be found on this planet in nature- as if we don't have to look far.

Plant Makeup is my art form, paints to share with you, connecting nature and life as one. Beauty should be playful, it should be a feeling that love is ancient. As an artist first, I found a way to connect beauty products and the natural world together, creating a unique interactive art form for everyone to experience.


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