Rainbows and Roses

When I first met the lokelani rose, the rose of Hawaii, I cried. It was so beautiful. It has one of the most beautiful scents in the world.

Beach Rose Beauty Balm, a plant oil based formulation to lock in moisture after cleansing the skin. Excellent for normal, mature and dry skin types. A rose dream come true!

When rainbows fall and then fade away we can keep the memory with our Rainbow Aromatherapy Oil. Featuring a beautiful floral citrus scent to inspire moments of endless love.

We must find moments to honor ourselves no matter how humble we can be as healers, lovers, visionaries, dreams, artists... <3.

I am able to grow a variety of fresh roses this year to only learn that nature is pure love.

When we can have moments where the natural becomes our perspective, it inspires creativity to thrive. We created these giant incense cones to burn as a thanks to natures amazing gifts.

Much love. May this post inspire positivity!


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