Plant Makeup Dream

Dream in natural color pigments, to paint your face with plants.

Blush powders, makeup balms, shimmer, eye colors all made with plant ingredients.

Featured above: Liquid Blush, Flower Petal Body Powder, Foundation Powders No.3 + No.5, Beet Blush, Hibiscus Lip Stain, Frost Glitter Wand and Earth Mascara.

Featured Above: Flower Music Mist, Orangepeelmystic Space Mist, Rainbow Beach Body Oil, Beach Rose Scrub, Beach Rose Beauty Balm, Dune Aromatherapy Oil, Free Spirit Aromatherapy Oil, Forest Aromatherapy Oil, Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Beach Rose Tooth Powder, Flower Dream Space + Surface Mist and Herbal Cleansing Oil

Foundation Powders made from plants! Featured here: Foundation Powder No.5 and No.3. A beautiful and natural way to contour, bronze, brighten and highlight.


Night and Day. A total rainbow of plant based makeup for you to choose from. Colors can be used to balance certain tone imperfections. Yellows cover reddish tones, whites brighten and add translucency, spectrums of beiges even out tone, roses add a flushed pop, greens cover redness, purples help dullness and even out signs of yellow tones.

Plant Makeup is natural skin care. It is a way to help heal and radiate your natural beauty. Each item is made with the most love filled intentions. Positive energy is something we all need to survive. I want these products to reflect that 100%.

What's your favorite Plant Makeup product? Lately, I really love Facefood, a green clay honey mask. Whenever I have a little itchy patch of skin, or a lil' blemish, I immediately use just a little like soap as a spot treatment. After just a little bit of this style of care, the itch disappears and the blemish shrinks away! Featuring green clay, honey, basil essential oil, and kelp... nature is the best!

Princess Power! Ahh, royalty! Let's all feel this way. Featured above: Tropical Island Bathing Salts, a whole lot of glitter, crystals, a light prism, roses, bubble wand and crystal lamps. I think I have found my crown jewels! It is so important to pamper ourselves, but honestly, I love taking care of those around me - like all of you! It is my serious pleasure to make these products for the past 10 years and have them be continually received with such positivity. Thank you all for believing in Plant Makeup!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed these dream pictures!



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