Festivals Ocean Deep

What shimmers beneath is a mystery, or the entire universe with secrets of worlds beyond this one.

Indigo Child Glitter Stick and Cosmic Shimmer Stick, two deep sea hues for plant based body shimmer and festival adventures.

I went to a ton of festivals in the 2000s. Now I want to play them. I will definitely have Indigo Child Glitter Stick with me if I ever do and I will smear it all over my body.

Just for fun. :)

I've been to Bonaroo when people were very naked and there was no big name bands, just jam bands and really cool cultural sound vibes. I went to tons of little festivals and even followed Phish around the country for a while. I felt like I saw every band that could be seen at the time. Literally my Summers were all about traveling to places where I could camp, listen to music, be surrounded by amazing people and just learn/love.

It was so crazy how fast the bigger festivals were taken over by bigger interests. The whole scene became very commercialized. But small festivals are very very much true to the original scene. No matter what I am in love with it all. I am so excited to one day play festivals as Orangepeelmystic. Are you going to any festivals this Summer? Comment below with your favs and what your experiences have been like.


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