New Spring Summer 2018 Collection!


It's finally here!!!

So excited to introduce the new Spring Summer 2018 Collection. This was definitely the longest one to fully conceptualize. Here's a really cool look at the process from start to finish. This collection is named to capture the few days we get to see a flower blossom eventually becoming beautiful glitter!

This is my initial thought process. I organize and sift through ideas. Look at what the main collection needs and how I can make it even better. Like adding a dimension of new colors.

Tropical Island Bathing Salts is a dream of scent therapy. I wanted to make something with the three colors of cornflowers, beach roses and jasmine. The essential oils of neroli, ginger, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot. This is a super infusion of love and essential oils to soothe the muscles and spirit. It is totally important to let the body relax so it can heal on its own. With scent and color, we can allow the simple gifts of nature to provide all the simple healing we might need from a long day or journey.

This is the first little group photo I took of all these ideas I have been working on for over half a year. I generally start dreaming up the new collections after I finish the previous. This collection came together without a theme. One of the reasons why I think it took me so long. I really wanted to make a lot of these ideas I have had come to life.

Free Spirit Aromatherapy Oil came together with surprise. I wanted to feature biodegradable glitter in a roll on oil, but wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out. I couldn't believe how cool it look.


The limited edition Flower Glitter Facial Steam is a vision of a continuous stream of flower petals falling and creating the ultimate lighting as the sun hits their colored hues. A facial steam to uplift and open pores featuring helichrysum flowers  rose petals, cornflowers and jasmine flowers.

Flower petals for Petal Paste. Each tube of our new 2 in 1 makeup primer + lip balm comes with a super cute jar of dried flowers! This is seriously one of the most delicious smelling lip balms I think I have ever made! It is like a dreamy cupcake! This creation is seriously made from the imagination. Super fun to play with and interact with flowers. The paste itself contains tiny little flowers too!


Star Light + Sun Beam Shimmer Sticks are here for highlighting shimmer! These two body glitter sticks were born out of the dream clouds. Sun Beam Shimmer Stick features turmeric root for a sun infused color! Star Light Shimmer Stick is the dreamiest, creamiest color perfect for instant highlights.

Indigo Incense is indeed mystical. An uplifting cedar forest scent hugs the atmosphere and invites strength. Pictured above with the new Flower Glitter Facial Steam.

Here is the first group shot I took of everything after I added labels on! It's finally come together here and its almost like this painting you've been working on and now its done!

Plumeria Dew Beauty Balm is filled with the love of Hawaii. Featuring fresh plumeria infused flowers, this balm is an incredibly unique makeup moisturizer. For sheer, glossy, almost nude splashes to the cheeks. The vanilla beans in this suspension of flower time + space will inspire! Only 20 made! I really fell in love with plumeria. In a way, the Rosa rugosa of Hawaii in my heart.

Liquid Blush is one of my favorites this season along with the Cocoa Brow Gloss and Beach Rose Lip Tint. I think these three items create the perfect fresh faced summer look!

Love at first sight!! That's Liquid Blush. For the ultimate high gloss berry glow. Infused with hibiscus flowers for an all natural cheek stain + tint.


Triple Summer High Gloss + Glow: Beach Rose, Blueberry and Ocean are here to let the best nights of your life happen this Summer with a super fresh sea breeze look!

Yay! Finally the collection is almost complete. Above is my first take at a almost final group shot.

Purple Loosestrife Dreams. This amazing plant now comes in its third form, brought to you by Plant Makeup! Introducing the new Purple Loosestrife Beauty Oil. A super simple olive oil based serum infused with purple loosestrife flowers + leaves and finished simply with lavender essential oil. Collect the whole beauty bunch with the nourishing salve, toner and beauty oil!

Check this out! Rose Water. It's back. One of my first beauty offerings to the world!

Like/love this collection? I would love to know your thoughts! Please feel free to leave a comment below. Learn even more here from the collection's recent newsletter.

Written by Jes, founder of Plant Makeup


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