New AW19 Collection!

Introducing the new:

After traveling far and wide, the Goth Princess has arrived with makeup collected from all over the galaxy. From dark planets to blissed out moons, so many aspects of the universe are now known and recognized for their beauty.

Introducing the Autumn Winter 2019 collection for Plant Makeup! All natural plant based creations made with love.

Enjoy an array of moisturizing glosses, natural glitters and rainbow flower delights, something for everyone just like the many stars in the universe!

The most prized of travels is the Goth Princess Makeup Balm, discovered in a star system of endless dreams. A navy blue universe of twinkling light meets the softest strawberry planet. A beautiful blue hued glittering body gloss and yummy gentle lip scrub will transport you to alternate makeup dimensions of possibilities. A limited edition creation for dreamers and pastel goths.

Born from a Galaxy of Inspiration...

Darkness meets pretty in a rainbow of inter stellar makeup. These creations are born out of galaxy of inspiration. Cloud Makeup Balm, Goth Girl Makeup Balm and Sweatshirt Makeup Balm are whimsically inspired by my plaid, navy blue, gray and forest green clothing! I really admire the colors of everyday wear and I wanted to create fun makeup balms that play with this concept.
Cloud Makeup Balm adds such a beautiful hint of shadow as an eye makeup primer or experimental cheek and lip gloss! Goth Girl Makeup Balm made just for fun features 4 makeup balms both classic and new! And finally Sweatshirt Makeup Balm is inspired by one of the most classic and iconic American clothing colors: navy blue. An amazing gloss for priming eye makeup, or experimenting any way you'd like!
S P A C E  G O T H
Combining the best of both space goth worlds, introducing the Space Goth Makeup Wand. One side features an ancient star system of endless glitter and a blue universe of glossy highlights. The other, the beautiful clouds reminiscent of the birthing of stars. Two super high gloss featuring all natural plant based makeup formulations. Experimental and party!


-L I Q U I D  B L A C K -
No goth inspired collection could ever be complete without black eye liner. This bottle of the beginning of time is extremely versatile liquid black makeup to form your own story of endless makeup looks. Apply directly onto skin to paint your face with plants, or drip onto a little dish and draw your world. Drys on application and lasts so long!
S T R A W B E R R Y  D R E A M S
We now finally land of a planet of creamy strawberry dreams!! Ah finally, all those stars can be really overwhelming! This is an archive creation brought back to subtly and gently scrub those lips! A beautiful little gift for all princesses in training: royalty of the heart!


For a star infused ultra shimmery NO MAKEUP look, introducing a best friend! A super simple oil based roll on cheek highlighter, body shimmer, eye gloss or twinkling star lip cover. Count the endless stars in this one and take where ever you go! A pocket universe!

P L A N T  M A K E U P  L I P  K I

For all travelers, no journey is complete without samling every aspect of the universe. Introducing this extra special Plant Makeup Lip Kit. Born from the newest and cutest Plant Makeup star system. Featuring classic makeup balms and an array of the new!! These kits are available in limited supply, so if you feel intuitively connected, please gather one up! Each little jar contains about 1/3 of the regular makeup balm size, you'll be surprised at how far these babies go!
F L O W E R  R A I N B O W
No Plant Makeup collection is complete without a rainbow!! These beautiful limited edition tea baths might make you smile after a long day! Featuring six beautiful healing plants that seriously are a staple of any love infused apothecary: beach roses, calendula, helichrysum, nettles, lavender and cornflowers. These earthly creations may be the ultimate nostalgic  surprise for any one you love!
Introducing an all natural moisturizing makeup primer, or ultimate no makeup look best friend! Featuring an array of beneficial non-comedogenic oils, you'll fall in love with this plant based dream! On the moisturizing side and extremely versatile for any dry skin needs: day + night!! Perfect for mixing a bit of Plant Makeup powders into to reveal amazing colors. Available in two sizes! 
S T A R S  A L I G N 
The stars and planets have aligned and the imagination has soared to new heights!! Introducing these super cool new limited edition polka dot planet makeup dream balms. Just for fun, experiment with natural color and may your lips, cheeks and eyes glow with etherial bliss!
Now it's time to go back to our solar system and become grounded with some new essential Plant Makeup creations!
Introducing a the dreamiest creamy red blush! 
A super special simple deep red all natural moisturizing style cheek gloss infused with the ever friendly calendula flowers! Perfect for dry skin to add a light red glowing blush look/feel. A limited edition creation for this season!

Explore these orange hued lip hugs!
Sandalwood Lip Tint is super simple vegan orange tinted gloss. Limited edition and reflecting the perfect orange spectrum of the rainbow! Rosehip Seed Lip Scrub is a beautiful new way to scrub the lips. Featuring the bits of rose hips to reveal moisture plump lips with a  slight deep orange tint. Cinnamon Lip Plumper is a slightly hot tingly makeup balm creation. Featuring an infusion with cayenne and true cinnamon!

S E C R E T  R E D  R O S E 
Made with secret deep red meadow roses from a lost time...

The ultimate Plant Makeup creation! A clear highlighting wand for a no makeup look and endless glossy lip moments. Vegan, essential oil free and infused with the wild red rose Rosa chinensis semperflorens! Long lasting with a clear taste!

E A R T H  G A R D E

matcha dandelions nettles and mermaid

S P A C E  G O T H
The world is a mystery, but colors are not! With a smear of this wand, you have the universe in your hands and create stars. I hope you've enjoyed traveling the universe//worlds with me. Imagination is one of the most powerful things, where we can give birth to ideas that seem like new star systems. Keep dreaming and connecting with nature.


Jes (your space goth princess of the heart)

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