Natural Colors + The Beach

On the beach in December, the sun light brings out a special spectrum of deep colors. Featuring from top left: Pink Rose Gloss Stick, Beach Rose Lip Tint, Madder Root Lip Tint, Amazon Lip Plump + Stain, Sunbeam Shimmer Stick, Dandelion Lip Paint, Mermaid Balm, Indigo Child Shimmer Stick, Wild Rose Lip Balm, Cosmic Shimmer Stick, Liquid Eye Liner + Frost Wand.

I took a Plant Makeup photo shoot on a dock just for the sunlight, but I didn't realize how the scene would just come together.

Featuring Wild Rose Lip Balm, Chamomile Lip Balm, Dandelion Lip Paint and Mermaid Balm, these colors seem to capture the essence of late fall in the North East USA.

The Plant Makeup family has some new members this year, like the Liquid Eye Liner and Dandelion Lip Paint.

Sandalwood Lip Tint, Madder Root Lip Tint and Beach Rose Lip Tint, the warm end of the spectrum radiating in the new winter solstice light.

A rainbow of natural plant pigmented moisturizing tints to paint your face with plants.



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