Get the Mega Glow Look

Get the Mega Glow Look with all the dream cloud Plant Makeup offerings. 

face glow highlighting oil (a beautiful gloss gloss gloss of stars)

highlighting powder (amazing as a powder base)

frost glitter wand (a multi purpose glitter gloss - lips, cheeks, body, eye brow gloss with slight matté)

coconut highlight gloss (an amazing primer - applies transparent on all skin tones)  

coconut highlight gloss (add onto to eye lids for a super dewy glow and as a cheek gloss, you can apply on makeup powder to it so well!)

coconut body shimmer (a perfect top powder layer)

snow eye shadow (for a beautiful minimal nakeup look)

and starlight shimmer stick (a transparent heavy gloss with golden stars)

The Mega Glow Look: frost glitter wand on eye brows (my fav),

face glow highlighting oil on eye lids, coconut highlight gloss as makeup primer on cheeks, highlighting powder as first cheek powder base, coconut shimmer powder as finishing powder on top, frost glitter wand and star light shimmer stick on lips


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