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Beautiful Moments along the Journey

Beach roses from last season's harvest. The beautiful astral bright pink and dreamy snowflake white of these rose petals inspire all my work. I like to think that these beach roses are the heart and soul of Good4You.

The beautiful rose bushes in front of my house are the most amazing joy in the Spring sun. I love collecting the beautiful wild rose offerings from these bushes daily. I can smell the salty air from right down the street and my spirit feels at home.

Gatherings from a bicycle ride down to the ocean. I love learning about different wild plants, the more the better. Every year I add at least one special new plant friend to my life long herbal index of plant knowledge.

Every single bit of plant love I collect I use for modern art projects. I love taking pictures of the vibrant wild flora to immortalize their existence in our hearts. My Instagram page has become a botany archive!

Everything comes full circle when I can create plant beauty art and offer it to the world. I want every single creation I make to vibrate with as much vitality as possible, as if each product is its own healing crystal. The continuing connection between humans and nature is super important.

I am inspired year round. Even in the coldest reaches of the year I let the little bits of fresh flowers and herbs follow me into the next season, or I can dry them to enjoy for years to come.


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