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Plant Makeup Beginnings!

I have always been so inspired by color. When I first started to create Plant Makeup, it came from merging art, which has been a part of my whole life, with this new but even more ancient relationship with plants. Learning about plants at first was like learning an old language. There was a part of me that was so connected, I had to continue the journey to learn more.

The color wheel starts with beets, a merging of blue and red, the beginning of learning about plant dyes. Preparing fresh beets, our fingers become stained. We eat or drink the beets and become one with them. Red is the color of beginnings, roots, love.

Hibiscus, for magenta purple, another plant friend that we are all so familiar with. Hibiscus teas, that amazing simple purple color, is so refreshing. The beautiful flower petals, from which the color is derived, are rich in vitamin c. Colors give us life.

Light purple for lilac flowers, a new found relationship for me in the plant world. The crushed powder. Lilac flowers bloom in the Spring time and can be made into a drinkable lilac essence water. Simple collect one to two bundles of fresh lilac blossoms. Rinse briefly in purified water to remove any dirt, etc. Place in a quart size jar. Fill with purified drinking water. Set in fridge for 24hrs. Strain + enjoy! Read more about it here.

The light brights of kaolin clay + coconut powder. Coconut powder has so many amazing uses, it's almost endless! I love baking with coconut powder, using it as a bath soak with essential oils, and of course using it for creating Plant Makeup! Coconut is very friendly as a plant, so for skin care it is excellent and smells so good too!

Pink clay + strawberry powder, light pink the ultimate romantic hue. I love discovering plants that can yield this amazing tone of the universe. One of my favorites is pink roses. I was so inspired by pink rose, namely Rosa damascena. This amazing rose comes to us from Morocco. I particularly am in love with the essential oil it yields. The cost of a tiny vial is so expensive, but it smells so blissful, it is worth every penny!

The shades of the Sun. Reds and oranges are such amazing colors found in the plant world. Flower colors in this shade are super seductive. For Plant Makeup, madder root and sandalwood, are my favorites for offering lip + cheek color. The Sandalwood Lip Tint + Madder Root Lip Tint are 21st century beauty lip paint essentials.

Goji berry, turmeric and chamomile are some of my favorite yellows that we can eat or drink but also use to beautify! Goji berries and turmeric are super rich in anti-oxidants. I personally love using turmeric in almost everything I cook. Chamomile invites us to be calm. It is one of the first medicinal plants we learn about and become friends with. I especially love chamomile so much, an entire portion of the Good4You skin care collection is devoted to it!

Seaweed greens are one of my favorite ingredients to use in Plant Makeup. Not only are seaweeds like chlorella and spirulina beautiful, they are a source of life giving nutrition. I love using kelp seaweed in particular for sun care. Seaweeds naturally block UV rays, so in the summer time I love using our Seaweed Balm like a mermaid on the beach. Speaking of mermaids, our Mermaid Lip Tint is so cool for moisturizing green lips, for use as a makeup primer or tribal paint!

Any finally blue! To complete the color wheel and the journey of discovering uses of plant dyes for beauty, indigo is our last stop. This plant is extremely mystifying to me and forms a bridge into the possibility for plant dyes in beauty products. I love how Plant Makeup allows me to not only see a future in beauty products, but ancient past of how we use to decorate ourselves, being a reflection of our beautiful planet.


jes (the artist)

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  • The article is very interesting and the picture is just beautiful, of all the plant dyesI have used seaweed, chamomile and indigo. I am looking forward to using pink clay and hibiscus which sound really interesting and beneficial to my skin. Thanks :)

    PS- I made an order from your store and was pleasantly surprised at how fast is your shipping (ordered a Monday and had it in my hands by Thursday… Amazing!!!!)

    • Leilany Vazquez
  • Love your body care stuff and would love to try the plant make up!! So amazing !

    • NIcole
  • I haven’t tried any of your products yet, but the love and enthusiasm you express about plants leaves me with no doubt that your creations are nothing short of amazing.

    • Jess Cason
  • Love coconut, but rose sounds amazing too.

    • Anita
  • Your creations are pure magic!!

    • Gabi