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I am so excited to introduce version 3.o of!

I hope this site will reveal to be more user friendly! New features include being able to search for products based on search terms such as 'dry skin', 'normal skin', 'oily skin', etc. Product type, herb, ingredient, color, etc. Have fun! I overall hope this site can become a more personalized beauty experience.

My journey to Plant Makeup has been a long and flower filled one. I am so excited to let this work stand as my current art project as a plant artist. Through the interactive experience of receiving one of these pieces, the user can be allowed to experience a rebirth of connection between nature and self. Through this journey, be allowed to bring about a sense of balance with life.

Up until this point everything in the Good4youHerbals universe has been carried out by me as the sole artist, product maker, customer service person, shipper, paperwork handler, etc. I am so excited and ready to take on more helpers to continue infusing energy in this project!

These beauty products are my way of expressing love. I see beauty in things and want to share it. Plants are amazing! I hope any of these creations will inspire a further connection to nature.


jes (the artist)

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