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The Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

Welcoming Spring + Summer with the new Good4You Plant Makeup Collection



Lilac Blossom Body Powder: One of my favorites from the new spring collection. It was a vision from the local lilac flowers who drew me into their other worldly nature. The smell, the color. I wanted to capture it and share it with the world. This body powder is a limited edition creation from lilac dreams. It smells like lilacs and is actually made with over 50% of local lilacs I gathered! For a light grey makeup matte or general body powder. vegan

Hibiscus + Beet Lip Stain: A new lip stain (the deepest one yet). Made with organic beet roots and organic hibiscus flowers blended with organic and fair trade coconut oil from the Philippines.

The Ultimate Green Drink: This is a good4youherbals archive brought back just for the spring! The ultimate superfood mix of organic greens and fruits. Add to smoothies or water for energy and nourishment. vegan


I Love You Under Eye Balm: I have been dreaming about this one for years. A ginseng infused balm with soothing flowers for puffy tired eyes. The ginsengs included are: cultivated without chemicals North American Rhodiola rosea (from Canada), organic maca root (from Peru) and organic Eleuthero root (from China). Also, if you hold up the tube between your eyes it reveals a third eye! vegan


Rosehip Seed Oil: I have been wanting to make this for years! Just pure organic rosehip seed oil (from Chile) in the cutest bottle ever. Rosehip oil absorbs super well into the skin and is excellent especially for dry skin (winter!) vegan



Wild Rose Face Wash: This creation has been infusing in my mind forever. The ultimate all natural cleansing soap with the amazing amazing scent combo of rose and grapefruit! It is a citrus warming comforting floral pop! vegan

Wheatgrass Lip Balm Scrub: I always wanted to make a wheatgrass infused lip balm! here it is. For earthy beings, add the earthiest of green colors to the lips!



Sacred Cave Mascara: A dream come true to create the ultimate unique copper lash! Excellent for those who want to have fun with their lashes and are looking for a natural alternative to black mascara! Also excellent for a dramatic brow! vegan


Spring Dreams Argan Oil Balm: I always wanted to make a balm featuring the amazing properties of argan oil! This is it! I added a beautiful garnish of lilac blossoms! It has a sweet rose / citrus scent, just like the Wild Rose Face Wash.

Wild Flower Mud Mask: I combined beautiful spring blossoms with the wonderful healing rhassoul clay for a DIY mud mask to be formed at home! These unique grains can also be used for general cleansing instead of soap! vegan



Spring Blossom Facial Steam: Finally, a place where all the blossoms of spring can come together! A blend of locally gathered wild flowers and organic blossoms to awaken the skin from winter slumber. vegan





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