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Flower Music Mist + Dream Balm

Flower Music Mist in its many phases. A toner made for normal / oily / blemish prone skin. Flower Music Mist is created as an infusion of wild flowers. Most of which are locally gathered near where we make everything. We feel the importance of using plant medicine locally to offer the highest vitality products possible.

We combined locally gathered roses, elder flowers and red clover blossoms with organic lavender + let them cold infuse briefly, like an essence, for a few...

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New Year Plant Makeup Inspiration

Creating makeup with a plant based palette of color. Working with all pure earth derived ingredients to discover different ways of applying natural beauty to ourselves. Beauty therefore becomes an extension of nature and we reconnect with what we truly are- of the earth.
Roses and other wild flowers are some of my greatest inspiration. The hues of pink for blushing cheeks, or dreamy moonlit flower tones for the lids of our eyes. Deriving plant based colors is...

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Wild Rose Face Wash

Born in Spring 2016, this all natural rose infused soap has been a favorite ever since! For use as a gentle face + body cleanser.

Directions: Shake well before use. For best results squirt a bit onto palm of hand and rub together to form a foam. Apply gently to face or body for a few moments, then rinse with water. Can also be used as 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner if needed: apply to scalp to...

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DIY Plant Makeup

(this article was also published on nylon.com)

Making your own makeup with plants is an amazing way to connect to nature. Using natural ingredients is extremely good for you too! For instance beets can help reduce inflammation, delay aging due to richness in anti-oxidants, remove toxins and infuse you with vitamins!

How to create your own 100% Natural Plant Based + Vegan Bronzer or Blush.

Making your own bronzer or blush is super easy! It can be incredibly inexpensive as well, making your carbon footprint super small! If...