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SpRiNg InSpIrAtIoN (mood board)

Get ready to feel dreamy. Lip Gloss Fantasy Wand.

Inventing the labels for Plant Makeup floral waters.

Coconut Highlight Gloss (favorite makeup primer + all purpose makeup gloss), Rainbow Flower Bathing Salts, Beach Rose Lip Tint and secrets!!

Beach Rose Lip Tint (love it). A gentle strawberry...

Get the Mega Glow Look

Get the Mega Glow Look with all the dream cloud Plant Makeup offerings. 

face glow highlighting oil (a beautiful gloss gloss gloss of stars)

highlighting powder (amazing as a powder base)

frost glitter wand (a multi purpose glitter gloss - lips, cheeks, body, eye brow gloss with slight matté)

coconut highlight gloss (an amazing primer - applies transparent on all skin tones)  

coconut highlight gloss (add onto to eye lids for a super dewy glow and as a cheek...

Dandelion . Burdock . Yellow Dock: spring detoxification

(Dandelion leaves + flowers Taraxacum officinale pictured above)

(Fresh Yellow dock roots Rumex crispus pictured above)

(Dried dandelion flowers Taraxacum officinale pictured above)

(Dried dandelion leaves Taraxacum officinale pictured above)

(Dried + stored dandelion leaves Taraxacum officinale pictured above, ready for year round use.)

dandelion , burdock + yellow dock are known to be super beneficial for spring detoxification . i love to combine these three and make a root tincture to take daily before meals . but they offer us so much beyond this capstone remedy …as the roots give us their deep healing...

Wild Flower Dreams

Wild Flower Dreams! Featuring Beet Root Blush Powder, Black Berry Lip Balm, Hibiscus Blush, Blood Orange Lip Tint, Wild Rose Lip Balm, Coconut Highlight Gloss, Pink Rose Eye Shadow, Petal Paste Flowers and love.

Inside a Plant Makeup Rainbow