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Spaced Out

Glitter on top of glitter, on top of glitter. Frost Glitter Wand makes an amazing glitter primer.


Goth Princess Makeup Balms. One side deep space, the other strawberry dreams.


Mermaid, Cosmic, Beach Rose and Frost Glitter Makeup Gloss


Experimental UFO blobs of Plant Makeup Powders. Sunset, Sea Foam, Snow, Sun, Foundation Powders and Beet Root Blush


Space Goth Gloss


Foundation Balm + Powder...

Art + Plant Tinted Moisturizers

Mermaid Lip Balm, Turmeric Balm, Amazon Lip Plump + Stain, Madder Root Lip Tint, Beach Rose Lip Tint, Pink Rose Shimmer Balm and Coconut Highlight Gloss.

Plant Makeup is for the face and body, tinted moisturizers to paint with plants. They make amazing all purpose eye makeup primers, lip glosses+balms, body glitter, cheek highlighters, and total connection to nature.


January Color Spectrum


Natural Colors + The Beach

On the beach in December, the sun light brings out a special spectrum of deep colors. Featuring from top left: Pink Rose Gloss Stick, Beach Rose Lip Tint, Madder Root Lip Tint, Amazon Lip Plump + Stain, Sunbeam Shimmer Stick, Dandelion Lip Paint, Mermaid Balm, Indigo Child Shimmer Stick, Wild Rose Lip Balm, Cosmic Shimmer Stick, Liquid Eye Liner + Frost Wand.

I took a Plant Makeup photo shoot on a dock just for the sunlight, but I didn't realize how the scene would just come together.

Featuring Wild...

New AW19 Collection!

Introducing the new:

After traveling far and wide, the Goth Princess has arrived with makeup collected from all over the galaxy. From dark planets to blissed out moons, so many aspects of the universe...