I am Wild Medicine

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New Plant Makeup Video!

Featuring roses.


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Introducing our New SS17 collection by Plant Makeup

Lost in the Cosmic Flower Dunes

Mint Clay Mask


Matcha Tea Lip Balm


Beet Root Lip Balm


New Wave Body Balm


Dune Aromatherapy Oil


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Flower Music Mist + Dream Balm

Flower Music Mist in its many phases. A toner made for normal / oily / blemish prone skin. Flower Music Mist is created as an infusion of wild flowers. Most of which are locally gathered near where we make everything. We feel the importance of using plant medicine locally to offer the highest vitality products possible.

We combined locally gathered roses, elder flowers and red clover blossoms with organic lavender + let them cold infuse briefly, like an essence, for a few...

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New Year Plant Makeup Inspiration

Creating makeup with a plant based palette of color. Working with all pure earth derived ingredients to discover different ways of applying natural beauty to ourselves. Beauty therefore becomes an extension of nature and we reconnect with what we truly are- of the earth.
Roses and other wild flowers are some of my greatest inspiration. The hues of pink for blushing cheeks, or dreamy moonlit flower tones for the lids of our eyes. Deriving plant based colors is...