Welcome to my beauty world. Plant Makeup is unique artisanal apothecary formulated skincare handmade with 100% natural ingredients. Roses, flowers, roots, berries and herbs - everything we create is inspired by a natural flow of energy to just be the natural you. It’s not about being trendy, it’s about setting it.
— Jes

Simply put, everything Plant Makeup is made by me.

Except the incense


About Plant Makeup::

Plant Makeup is a bit different than regular makeup. It applies less pigmented on the skin, compared to the bold dramatic colors. When Jes, creator of Plant Makeup, first started out studying plants, she made plant based paints for a project in a class she was taking. The result was a lighter gentler paint, compared to deep colored conventional paints. Often chemicals make it possible to obtain bolder more pigmented makeup colors. Really cool shades, but not really made of the best ingredients. So plants themselves act more like a natural dye than a dramatic bold color stain. A compromise to the modern or new way of true natural beauty.


The Plant Makeup Story::

The journey first began in 2004 where Jes first discovered the language of plants in a medicinal herb greenhouse. She started with an organic line of herbal teas and slowly evolved it to a variety of beauty products and botanical fragrances. This site is dedicated to a revival of ancient beauty secrets using plant based dyes.


All Plant Makeup ingredients are either locally grown, fair trade and/or certified organic. We only want the best in each of these creations so they vibrate with as much vitality as they were first gathered from the earth. We have a great respect for nature and only want to inspire + spread a message of conservation, protection and awareness through anything we offer back to the world. Like a tiny wild garden of your own, our batches are small + special, based on the season and sometimes limited edition. We enjoy knowing we spoil anyone who receives these creations with the highest quality we can possibly offer.


All of our orders are sent with love, wrapped in as many upcycled, recycled and compostable materials as possible. We try our best to use earth friendly packaging for the products too! We just want to help people + the planet as much as we can ... the Plant Makeup mission is simply to inspire. Find your niche. Work for yourself. Make sure it can somehow salvage a ton of the waste we make. Inspire the generations to come.


 All ingredients are local or organic, gmo-free + sustainably sourced.

All batches are small.


All products are plant based, cruelty free + truly 100% natural. 

All products are free of carmine, chemicals, dyes, mineral oil, nano minerals, palm oil, parabens, synthetics and toxins.

All packaging can be reused or composted. 

All packages are wrapped in eco friendly materials.


All artwork, videos, photos + music is made by Jes aka Orangepeelmystic.


Everything is 100% handmade with love.

“I created Plant Makeup to share my beauty secrets with the world.”


Jes is an artist creating interactive nature infused objects to sustain a connection to the natural world in hopes of a post internet future.

She has been studying herbal medicine since 2004. Good4You Tea, Good4You Herbals, Good4You and now Plant Makeup have been the manifestation of the ever evolving project. You might know her from Western Mass. farmers markets and craft fairs in the early days with teas, or her shop good4you on Etsy, or now with an array of elevated plant medicine in the form of makeup and skincare: Plant Makeup. Love, healing and a focus on nature friendly methods and materials has been the roots of this entire project. Every item has been handmade by her since the beginning up until recently. All items are truly little pieces of art representing a unique expression of nature. In essence, this body of work is a 15 year nature based art project to simply spread love (positive/happy/good energy). Please also see Orangepeelmystic for her music. There is a tape + cd available to dream/party with (you should get it). Also, check out her master herb index. Curent mood for 2019: dare to be different.


Plants + People = Love